Nigel D. Salmon founder of Tyoll

Nigel D. Salmon, founder

Tyoll is an online wallet platform and e-store which was established by Nigel D. Salmon in 2019. Tyoll functions by offering you a wallet when you signed up.  Signing up is free and the wallet is free without any document or ID requirement. After signing up, members can buy Tyolls to do purchases, payments, donations and other member to member transfers. Members can also buy virtual items from the store. At any time a member may do a withdrawal through the available methods. 

The Wallet

When you purchase Tyolls, they go to (your) wallet. 1 Tyoll is US $1 in value.

Your wallet pays 5% interest on your Tyolls every 30 days, but your wallet must have a minimum of 100 Tyolls (US $100) to receive this monthly interest. You will also receive 0.03 Tyolls instantly after you signed up on this website.  


Withdrawal can be conducted through a transfer from your wallet at any time to M-Pesa, PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe, Western Union, Wise or to a bank account. You are free to withdraw funds to yourself or someone else. 

Benefits Of Being A Member

Joining Tyoll comes with significant benefits. Get monthly interest on your wallet. Get paid for becoming a member. Free chat for business or pleasure. Pay or get paid using the member to member transfer feature. Send funds to family and friends. Easy withdrawal from anywhere. 

Why US

So travel the world while having easy access to your Tyolls at anytime, from any device, and in your own language.

Do you have questions? First see the Q&A page.