Frequently asked questions

Tyoll is an online wallet which was established by Nigel D. Salmon. 

Tyoll functions by offering you a wallet when you signed up.  Signing up is free, the wallet is free, and no document or ID verification is ever required.

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No. You may purchase as much Tyolls as you wish. 

Tyolls are used exclusively on Use Tyolls to buy virtual items, do transfers, grow interests, and also to pay and get paid by other members.  

Tyoll was designed to function benefiting anyone.


You can buy Tyolls using bank transfer, Bitcoin, PayPal, Wise, Tyoll Gift Cards, MoneyGram, or Western Union.    

Go to the My Account page and do transfer to a Bitcoin wallet, M-Pesa, Payoneer, PayPal, Stripe, Western Union, Wise, or a bank account.

You may withdraw from your wallet at any time after loading it. 

When you do a withdrawal request, it will go into a state of ‘pending’ and then be processed. Withdrawal to M-pesa, PayPal or Wise is completed within 15 minutes to 2 hours. Withdrawal to Stripe or Payoneer within 24 hours. Withdrawal to a bank account is settled same day or within 3 days. 48 hours for withdrawal to MoneyGram and Western Union. 

Yes. The minimum withdrawal limit to Wise, Stripe, M-pesa, Bitcoin, Payoneer or PayPal is 5 Tyolls (US $5). Minimum withdrawal to a bank account is 10 Tyolls (US $10). Minimum withdrawal to Western Union is 50 Tyolls (US $50).


Yes. Maximum limit per withdrawal is 10000 Tyolls (US $10,000). But there is no limit on the amount of withdrawal you may do per day. 

Yes. The minimum loading limit to your wallet is $1 when using PayPal. When loading your wallet through bank transfer, MoneyGram or Western Union, the minimum is US $10. For Wise and PayPal, recommended minimum load is $5. 

To make a transfer to another member, go to the My Account page. You must know the Tyoll Account Email of the member you are transferring to. You can search for other members by click on Chat, then click Directory. 

Virtual VISA Card

It is a reloadable virtual VISA card that can be used to do transactions anywhere online where VISA is accepted. Example: Use it to verify a PayPal account, fund other online accounts, shop and pay bills. 

You can buy a Virtual VISA Card using only Tyolls in your wallet.  The cost for a card is 20 Tyolls (US $20), and the card will be issued to you with 5 Tyolls. You may then add more funds to your card at any time. 

When you purchased a virtual VISA Card, it will be delivered to your account within 2 to 24 hours. To see your card or cards, click the View Your Cards  button on the My Account page.

The US dollars. (Remember, 1 Tyoll is the same as US $1).

You can reload your card using Tyolls from your wallet. This is done from the My Account page.

The only cost is the price (20 Tyolls) that you pay for getting the card. After this, free reload, free card enquiries, and free withdrawals. 

Yes, the expiry date will be on the front of the card. Card duration is 3 years. 

No. When purchasing a card, you will be required to give the First Name and Last Name of the person who will be the cardholder. This name cannot change after purchase and must be used with the card when doing online transactions. The Billing Address is a pre-set US address and you can find it on the My Account page. 

You can buy as many cards as you desire. Buy for yourself and for anyone else. 

You can request card balance, card statement, verification code, etc at any time. To start, click Card Enquiry on the My Account page.

If you chose to no longer use a card, you may withdraw all funds from that card and purchase a new one. 

You can withdraw from your card to your wallet. Start by click the Withdraw button on the My Account page. 

Gift Card

You can buy the Tyoll Gift Card using Tyolls in your wallet.  

Use the Gift Card to send Tyolls to anyone outside The Receiver can use the Gift Card to buy virtual items sold on this website or redeem for Tyolls.

Go to the My Account page and under Gift Card, click ‘Card Balance’. You will then be redirected to the page to check the balance on your card. You do not have to sign in to check your card balance. Simply go to

Go to the My Account page and under Gift Card, click ‘Reload Card’. You will then be redirected. Follow the instruction to check card balance in order to see the button for adding funds to the card. You must be signed in to add funds to your gift card. 

Yes. Go to the My Account page and under Buy Tyolls, click ‘Tyoll Gift Card’. Follow the instruction in the pop up. 


5% interest is paid on Tyolls in the wallet every 30 days. You must have a minimum of 100 Tyolls ($100 USD) to earn this monthly interest.  


Withdrawal to Western Union is a 20% fee.  All  other withdrawal methods attract a 9% fee. 


Yes. It is OK to open more than one account on Tyoll.

Tyoll will not limit nor freeze your account except in cases of extreme abuse of this platform. 

Like any online account, you are advised to not share your password with others. (You may share your email to receive transfers from other members). 

Choose a strong password for your account. If possible, avoid signing into your account on public computers or via public Wifi. If at any time you feel your sign in details were exposed, change your password right away by click the ‘Edit Profile’ link near the bottom of the My Account page. 

You should not try to close your account if you have Tyolls in your wallet. 
If you wish to close your account, do so after you have all Tyolls cleared from your wallet.

To close your account, go to the My Account page and click Edit Profile. Scroll to the bottom and click Delete Account.

Unfortunately, no. Therefore you are advised to take precaution when transferring Tyolls to other members. However, in the events of scam, a member may ask Tyoll to help resolve the matter.